Rwanda Movie Awards 2013

Rwanda Movie Awards 2013: Winners

Rwanda Movie Awards 2013The winners of the 1st Annual Rwanda Movie Awards have been announced. The 2013 Rwanda Movie Awards are awards “presented in different categories based on [a] jury as well as internet votes (people’s choice).”

The winners of the 2013 Rwanda Movie Awards:

Best film documentary: The impact of given a cow to the people of Rwanda by Ishmael Ntihabose.

Best short film: Kivuto

Best Actor: Munanura Habyalare

Best Actress: Fidelite Irakoze Sonia

Best Director: Muniru Habyakare

Up coming group/Dynamic awards: Happiness Games

People’s Choice Actor: Denis Nsanzabaganwa

Best Female People’s Choice: Marie France Niragire.

Best People’s Movie: Ibanga

Young Best Actress: Esther Ngabire

Source: Allafrica

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