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Society of Camera Operators Awards 2013: SOC Winners

Lincoln Movie PosterThe winners of the Annual Society of Camera Operators Awards have been announced. The 2013 SOC winners are from a nonprofit organization whose “primary mission is to advance the art, craft and creative contribution of the camera operator in the motion picture and television industries. The SOC represents camera operators, camera assistants, directors of photography as well as other related crafts…The SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards [honors] those members who have contributed and advanced the craft of the camera operator.”

The winners of the 2013 Society of Camera Operators Awards:

Feature camera operator of the year

Mitch Dubin, Lincoln

Camera operator of the year in television

Andrew Voegeli, Breaking Bad

SOC’s Historic Shot Award

Peter Robertson, Atonement

SOC’s Governors Award

Penny Marshall

President’s Award

Kyra Sedgwick

Lifetime Achievement Awards

camera operator Bruce MacCallum (The Adjustment Bureau, Julie and Julia. The Departed)

camera technician Baird Steptoe (Thor, The Manchurian Candidate, Footloose)

still photographer Melissa Moseley (Inception, 3:10 to Yuma, The Notebook)

mobile camera platform operator Brad Rea (Gangster Squad, Iron Man, Thelma and Louise)

Lifetime of Distinguished Service Award

Woody Omens

Technical Achievement Awards

Canon for its Cinema EOS C300 and C500 cameras

David Eubank for the pCam film+digital calculator.

Source: Wikipedia, Hollywoodreporter

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